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This is from Randy Dotinga’s Radio Article published in the largest paper from the San Diego Area not owned by Doug Manchester.

The Golden Globes and Grammys are done, while the Oscars await. And now it’s time for the most coveted award of all: the world-renowned Static Column Awards for Radio, aka the SCARs

• The Runt of a Stunt award goes to Sophie@103.7, the local rock station that’s trying to make waves by changing its name for a day.

Here’s how its press release puts it: “For the first time in San Diego radio history a station will change the name, website and social media elements for a contest.”

Wait, what? They’re changing their “social media elements”? No way. Stop the presses and get me rewrite (whatever the heck that means)!

Seriously, the station’s “winner” will get to replace the “Sophie” part with his or her name. The station helpfully explains this in its press release: “YourNameHere@103.7.”

Actually that itself would be an awesome name for a radio station. Whatever it ends up actually being —— Denise@103.7Hector@103.7? —— won’t be nearly as amusing or interesting.

• The Double Talk award goes to the Clear Channel company for saving money, big time, by airing the same darn thing on two stations. Apparently they’re trying to meet the needs of those listeners who are always hoping for less variety on the airways. (Take my choices! Please!) Yes, news-talk station KOGO is now simulcast on two frequencies —— 600 AM and 95.7 FM. You can listen to Rush Limbaugh in stereo, as if he’s right in your car with you —— crowding the gear shift, trying to find the ashtray and yelling inappropriate things at scantily clad women on the street.

• The This is Just Pay-nful award goes to 100.7 Jack FM for being a cheapskate. The station is promoting the heck out of its Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw adopt-athon, a contest to see who can have the most fun with a life-sized cardboard cutout of the tricky triumvirate. The winner, who has to live with the cardboard cutout for two weeks, gets only $2,500. Seriously? That’s it? Talk about getting Jack.

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My responses:

Why not just shelve Sophie permanently, and have listeners think of new names for the station that aren’t people’s names and submit them. Let listeners vote on the Top 10 names selected allowed by the FCC, then have a runoff vote between the Top 2 out of those names, and name it after the winner.

Rush Limbaugh is on 95.7 now in addition to KOGO and KFI. Clear Channel has way too many stations in the area, and so little talent that they have to simulcast the same person on three frequencies here to fill them.

Having fun with a cardboard cutout of Dave, Shelley & Chainsaw? My ideas would include explosives and assorted weapons including a sledgehammer and a chainsaw.